Stress, Stressed Out


Tim's tea is meant to be slightly bitter, and cannot be found in supermarkets, not as soft drinks, which are not healthy for you, can easily be.

Because of this claim, Tim will continue to point out another possible guilt committed by middle men, or managers.

A well-known proverb goes: the path of success for a general is paved with thousands of decayed bones of his soldiers.

We cannot deny that there is a hint of truth in this proverb. How many soldiers had perished before Nepoleon ascended to his throne? How many soldiers had died before Lincoln was elected to be the U. S. president the 2nd time in 1865?

If the battle was fought for good causes, then the success of the general is legitimate and acceptable regardless of losses of many people's lives. But what if the cause of a battle is largely for his personal gain in fame, money, and power?

Strictly speaking, the real cause of a campaign will never be 100% for the leader's personal gain. The slogans of the campaigns must be, by default, very grandiose, or else no followers will rise to support the leaders. The crusades were to retrieve the Holy Land. The dean of a college is to attempt to improve the reputation of the college, so that it can rank in top 10 in the World & US News Report.

Whatever the cause, whatever the motives, one fact remains: leaders need followers. Soldiers, secretaries, research assistants, employees, engineers, programmers, etc are needed to do the work.

My dear readers, do you sometimes, or often, feel stressed out in your fast-paced life? If you do, regardless of being a leader or a follower, please review the situation yourself: do you immerse yourself in such fast-pacedness or such stress, out of no choice, or out of your own choice ? Only you yourself can honestly answer this question.

You may not seek fame, money, and power. But is it possible that you desire receiving others' attention, or others' praises, or you must live in others' approvals?

"Oh, I have 5 birthday parties to attend this month. My mother-in-law is staying with my family for 2 months. I have to make an out-of-country business trip in the near future. Oh, I am so tired of making these trips."

"Wait, nobody can substitute you for this trip?"

"No, nobody can."

"Does your mother-in-law demand your attention all the time?"

"I also have to do the moonlight job on every Wednesday nights."

"Wait, do you really need that money?"

"yes, of course, I do. All the birthday gifts cost money, you know."

"What if you buy simpler birthday gifts?"

"No, I cannot, my friends and my nephews will say that I am a cheapskate."

If we are just followers, we drive only us ourselves very busy. If we are leaders or managers, we drive us ourselves very busy, and we also drive others very busy. The net result is that everybody is driven busy, and stressed out.

All these are under a very grandiose reason: we want to expand/improve, or we desire to receive attention.

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